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Dr Reza Mofrad

Dr Reza Mofrad

Dr. Reza Mofrad is an experienced General Practitioner. He finished medical school in 1996 and started his career as a GP before moving to Australia. Dr. Mofrad has worked in many hospitals in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on Emergency Medicine.

In 2010, he began working in New Zealand.

Dr. Mofrad is a staunch advocate for patient-centered practice. He is interested in   minor surgery, managing Chronic Care, and Geriatric Health, He always aims to provide the best care possible.

Fluency in both English and Farsi enables Reza to communicate effectively with a diverse patient demographic, ensuring that communication barriers do not hinder the quality of care provided.

Residing locally, Reza is an integral member of the community, the conducive Auckland climate for pursuing his gardening interests. An avid reader with a passion for history, he finds solace and inspiration in the lessons of the past.

Family is the cornerstone of Reza’s life. He celebrates 29 years of a fulfilling marriage and takes pride in his son, who is currently pursuing an engineering degree. Reza’s commitment to his family, profession, and community exemplifies his holistic approach to life and medicine.